2016 CC2 G Digital Dossier Corrigan, Timothy

2016 CC2 G Digital Dossier Corrigan, Timothy

I. Personal Information

A. Name: Timothy Corrigan

  B. Age on Election Day: 53

  C. Home Address: Cleveland, Ohio

  D. Spouse/Significant Other:  None found.

  E. Children: Two adult daughters.

  F.  Social/Civic/Club Affiliation: None found.

 II. Educational History

        A.        Holy Name High School

 III. Employment History

        A.        Cleveland Fire Department since 1981

 IV. Background Check

  A. Criminal Record: None found.

  B. Civil Litigation: Divorce proceedings.

C. Bankruptcy: None found.

 V. Campaign Information

  A. Political Party: Republican

  B. Campaign Address: 

Friends of Tim Corrigan

19533 Cyclone Drive

Cleveland, Ohio 44135

  C. Campaign Officers/Participants: Gwendolyn Dillingham, Treasurer

D. Prior Campaigns: None found.

  E. Campaign Endorsements/Affiliations: None found.

Mr. Corrigan did not respond to the questionnaire distributed to all council candidates by The Citizens League.