2014 Issue 13, Charter Review

2014 Issue 13, Charter Review

I.          Summary

           Issue 13 represents the Council’s effort to clarify and extend the term of the Charter Review Commission, which first convened in 2012, will do so again in 2017, and will then convene every ten years.       

            The Citizens League is not taking a position on the merit of these changes. We have provided this information to educate the voters about their decision.

II.        Background

            A.        History

           Under Article 12.09 of the Charter, the County Executive, with the confirmation of council, appoints (in September of the appointed year) nine county residents to serve on the Charter Review Commission.  No more than five can be members of the same political party and no more than two can be employees of the County.   The Commission serves from September through June, issuing its report on July 1.

            The inaugural Charter Review Commission recommended a similar change in its report of July 1, 2013, stating:

The CRC certifies that the duties of reviewing the Charter, hearing testimony from interested parties and recommending amendments to the Charter is a lengthy and time-consuming process. This proposal allows future CRCs to get an early start on the process and clarifies the time that future CRCs will remain in existence.

            B.        Ballot Language



A majority affirmative vote is necessary for passage.

Shall Article XII, Section 12.09 of the Charter of the County of Cuyahoga be amended to accelerate the timeline for the appointment of the Charter Review Commission by requiring the County Executive to appoint the Charter Review Commission before the first day in June, subject to the confirmation of Council, and to require the Commission's term to commence on the first day of September in the year in which the appointment is made, commencing in 2017?




Se requiere un voto afirmativo por mayoría para su aprobación.

¿Deberá enmendarse el Artículo XII, Sección 12.09 de los Estatutos del Condado de Cuyahoga para acelerar el calendario para el nombramiento de la Comisión de Revisión de los Estatutos requiriendo al Ejecutivo del Condado que nombre la Comisión de Revisión de los Estatutos antes del día uno de junio, sujeto a la confirmación del Consejo, y para requerir que el período de la Comisión comience el día uno de septiembre del año en que se realice el nombramiento, comenzando en el 2017? 

III.       Additional Resources

Charter Review Commission web site, where meeting materials are accessible.