2014 Issue 11, CE Residence, CC Terms

2014 Issue 11, CE Residence, CC Terms

I.          Summary

            Issue 11 is a charter amendment measure placed on the ballot by Cuyahoga County Council to accomplish two tasks:

            1.         Modify the charter to require that candidates for County Executive have lived in the County for two years prior to the date they declare as a candidate; and,

            2.         Modify the charter to ensure that County Council members serve a full term even if their district is modified during that term.

            The Citizens League is not taking a position on the merits of these changes. We have provided this information to educate the voters about their decision.

II.        Background

            A.        History

            On June 18, 2013, the Charter Review Commission voted unanimously to recommend to Council that the charter be amended to create a two-year residency requirement for candidates for County Executive.  The Commission’s rationale, as published in its final report (which is available from the League upon request), was as follows:

While the Charter mandates a two year residency requirement for Council candidates prior to election, the Charter provided no such residency requirement for the County Executive. The CRC believes that it is essential to have a County Executive with knowledge of the County and a stake in its future.  This proposal mandates that all candidates for County Executive must reside in Cuyahoga County for at least two years immediately prior to filing.  This time frame is consistent with that which is imposed on Council candidates.

            In 2013, Council effectively tabled consideration of a number of the Commission’s recommendations due, in many instances, to an already-crowded ballot.  The Council has now followed the Commission’s recommendation and included the residency requirement as a part of Issue 11. 

            The Commission made a similar recommendation regarding the second goal of Issue 11:

This proposal cleans up issues that could arise after a decennial redistricting process that could result in a duly elected member of the Council being in the middle of his/her term but no longer residing in the district from which the Councilmember was elected. This language allows the elected member to remain as a Council member, in good standing, in the event his/her residence is placed in another district after the new districts are drawn.

            B.        Ballot Language



A majority affirmative vote is necessary for passage.

Shall Article II, Section 2.01 and Article III, Section 3.03 of the Charter of the County of Cuyahoga be amended to modify the residency requirements for the offices of County Executive and County Council, requiring the County Executive to have been an elector of the County for at least two years prior to filing a declaration of candidacy, and preventing a Council member from being disqualified due to redistricting from serving the full term to which the member was elected?




Se requiere un voto afirmativo por mayoría para su aprobación.

¿Deberán enmendarse el Artículo II, Sección 2.01 y el Artículo III, Sección 3.03 de los Estatutos del Condado de Cuyahoga para modificar los requisitos de residencia para los cargos de Ejecutivo del Condado y Consejo del Condado, para requerir que el Ejecutivo del Condado haya sido un elector del Condado durante al menos dos años antes de presentar una declaración de candidatura, y para evitar que un miembro del Consejo sea descalificado debido a la reordenación de distritos para ejercer el período completo para el cual el miembro fue elegedo.

III.       Additional Resources

Charter Review Commission web site, where meeting materials are accessible.