2014 CE, CC 1, 9, 11 (G) Ratings and Rationale

Cuyahoga County Council Districts 1, 9 and 11 and County Executive

Ratings and Rationale

General Election

November 4, 2014

On November 4, 2014 voters in Cuyahoga County have a choice in three contested elections for County Council and the contested election for County Executive. The Citizens League of Greater Cleveland has completed its evaluations and considers the following to be the preferred candidates:

Elected Position

Preferred Candidate

Contending Candidate

County Council, District 1

David Greenspan

Mark Szabo

County Council, District 9

Shontel Brown

Adam Trumbo

County Council, District 11

Sunny Simon

John Currid

County Executive

Jack Schron

Armond Budish

In addition to selecting a preferred candidate, The Citizens League has provided qualifications-based ratings (one to five stars) for each candidate and an explanation of our rationale in selecting our rating and choosing the preferred candidate. Our ratings and rationale are based on a combination of our Digital DossiersTM and a video-taped interview which all candidates are invited to attend.

Our Digital Dossiers™ contain searchable summaries of each candidate’s background. Some of the information in the Digital DossiersTM is developed through independent research we perform. . Other information comes directly from the candidates themselves in the form of their responses to our lengthy and detailed questionnaire. The Citizens League presents the results of our independent research, the candidates’ responses to our questionnaire and a link to the video-taped interview on our web site so voters can view the same information we analyzed.

Certain candidates  graciously agreed to fill-out our questionnaire and sit for a video-taped interview. Other candidates filled out the written questionnaire but declined to participate in our video-taped interviews. Still other candidates chose not to complete the questionnaire or sit for an interview. We utilized the information that was available to us in developing our ratings and selecting the preferred candidates.

A summary of our ratings and rationale for each contested election follows:

County Council, District 1

 County Council, District 9

County Council, District 11

County Executive