2014 CC9 P The Rating and Rationale

2014 CC9 P The Rating and Rationale

On May 6, 2014 voters in Cuyahoga County Council District 9 have a choice between Lloyd Anderson, Shontel Brown, Leah Lewis, Lynn Ruffner, Donald Saunders and Andre White in the Democratic primary election. The Citizens League of Greater Cleveland has completed its evaluations and considers Lloyd Anderson to be the preferred candidate for the position.

In addition to selecting a preferred candidate, The Citizens League has provided qualifications-based ratings (one to five stars) and Digital Dossiers™ for each candidate. The Digital Dossiers™ contain searchable summaries of each candidate’s background and responses to lengthy and detailed questionnaires. Members of The Citizens League that participated in the ratings process felt that four of the candidates were well qualified. Each of the four candidates garnered consideration for the preferred rating, giving the residents of District 9 good options as they vote in the Democratic primary. 

Mr. Anderson is an experienced businessman and was elected to Bedford Heights City Council in 2011 and re-elected in 2013. His business experience and education, which includes a law degree from Cleveland Marshall School of Law, give him a well-rounded perspective of business and legal issues. Mr. Anderson demonstrated a can-do attitude and an ability to lead. Mr. Anderson also demonstrated a desire to work with local businesses and an understanding of how to get that done. He pointed-out situations in his past where he took the initiative and organized a coordinated effort to get a project started and completed. Our members involved in the interviews believed that these characteristics, combined with his background and education separated him from the remaining candidates. We have given Mr. Anderson a rating of three stars, meaning that he is well qualified for the job.  Follow this link for his dossier. 

Ms. Brown is a dynamic young businesswoman who was elected to Warrensville Heights City Council in 2011 and re-elected in 2013. She has been self-employed for several years and is active in the community. She presented herself well in our interview and demonstrated maturity and poise. She also demonstrated creativity and a willingness to solve problems. We believe that Ms. Brown would bring to the position the perspective and skill-set of a successful businesswoman. We have also given Ms. Brown a rating of three stars.  Follow this link for her dossier. 

Rev. Lewis is well-educated and very well-spoken. She was elected to Highland Hills City Council in 2013 and recently served as the Associate Minister and Minister for Community Engagement at Olivet Institutional Baptist Church before moving to the United Church of Christ, where she is awaiting a pastorate. Her educational background includes degrees in education, law and divinity. Rev. Lewis speaks thoughtfully and with authority. She would bring to the position her perspective gained in business, community organizing, and ministry.  We have also given Rev. Lewis a rating of three stars.  Follow this link for her dossier. 

Ms. Ruffner is experienced in local government, having served two terms on City Council in Shaker Heights and having served in a wide range of civic organizations. Her education includes college degrees in communications and education. While one of Ms. Ruffner’s attributes is the social service perspective she would bring to the office, her background is well diversified and includes experience in local government and teaching at the college level. Ms. Ruffner’s experience and practical knowledge were evident during our interview with her. We have given Ms. Ruffner a rating of three stars.  Follow this link for her dossier. 

Mr. Saunders is the most experienced of the candidates in local government. He has served on Bedford City Council since 1998 and worked as an Engineer in the Cuyahoga County Engineer’s Office from 1977 to 2002. He currently serves as the zoning inspector in two different communities. Mr. Saunders is active in his community and has been recognized as City of Bedford Citizen of the Year (2005). Mr. Saunders is a good speaker and demonstrates an understanding of a range of subjects. We have given Mr. Saunders a rating of two stars, meaning that he is adequately qualified.  Follow this link for his dossier. 

Mr. White has been active in the Lee-Harvard community for a number of years, although he has not been elected to office at this point. His military experience includes the US Army (1984-1987) and US Army Reserve (1987-2004). Mr. White is also a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003). He is currently a self-employed consultant working with political campaigns. Mr. White demonstrated good people skills and leadership ability. His greatest assets are his   deep concern for his community and the extensive network he has developed through his professional work and community involvement. We have also given Mr. White a rating of two stars.  Follow this link for his dossier.