2014 CC9 P White, Andre

2014 CC9 White, Andre

Video Interview.

Please follow this link to review The Citizens League's interview with Mr. White.  We will post the entire thirty minute interview once we resolve a technical issue.

Biographical Information.

I.          Personal Information

Name:   Andre White

Date of Birth and Age on Election Day:

Political Party Affiliation:  Democrat

Home Address:  Cleveland, Ohio

Spouse/Significant Other:


Social/Civic/Club Affiliations:

14 years           Advisory Board, Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority

                        Vice-President, Harvard Community Services Center

                        Vice-President, Harvard Community Development Corporation

                        Trustee, Lee-Harvard Community Association

II.        Educational History

John F. Kennedy High School

ETI Technical College

III.       Professional Background

1984 to 1987   United States Army

1987 to 2004   United States Army Reserve (now retired)

                        Included duty in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003

Present            President/CEO, A.M.P. Consultant and Management Team

IV.       Criminal Record and Court Involvement

Criminal Record: None found in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas.

Civil Litigation:

Tanisha Brown v. Andre P. White, Case No. CV 2000- 416443 (defendant in motor vehicle case)

Tammy Bailey v. Andre P. White, Case No. CV 2000- 416518 (defendant in motor vehicle case)

State of Ohio Dept. of Taxation v. Andre P. White, Case No. JL-2013- 592775 (judgment lien of $855.06).  Mr. White reports on his questionnaire that he has paid the taxes. 

Bankruptcies: Research in progress.

Ethical Issues: Research in progress.

V.        Campaign Information

Friends of Andre P. White

Gloria Nance, Treasurer

3357 Ludgate Road

Shaker Heights, OH 44120

Prior Campaigns: 

Prior Elected Offices: 

Campaign Endorsements/Affiliations

Councilman Terrell Pruitt, Cleveland Ward 1

Response to Questionnaire.

A.        Integrity

1. Have you ever held a position, public or private, where you were required to report gifts made to you or expenditures made on your behalf?  When, where?


2. In the last five years, have you been a party to any civil law suit?  If yes, please provide the case name and nature of the suit.

 Ohio Department of Taxation vs. Andre P. White and I paid the taxes.

3. Have you ever been convicted of a crime, other than a minor misdemeanor?  If yes, please provide the year and jurisdiction of the conviction.


4. What steps have you taken to ensure that your campaign is complying with Ohio Campaign Finance law?

I hire a Treasure that has experience and training in Ohio Campaign Finance Law and Federal Campaign Finance Law.

5. Has a complaint ever been filed against you, or any campaign committee acting on your behalf, in the Ohio Elections Commission, or Federal Elections Commission?


6. Prior to this campaign, have you campaigned for elected office?  If so, please identify the date, the office, and the outcome. 

Yes, Democrat Central Committee May, 2010 I won and State Rep District 12 May, 2010 I lost.

7. Please identify the top three contributors to your campaign, how much you have raised thus far, how much you intend to raise, and how much you have spent thus far on your campaign.

No fundraiser yet I loan my campaigned $1,500.

B.        Transparency

8. What steps can be taken at the county level to make access to public records easier?

Cuyahoga County has taken steps to make public records accessible by implement Open Government Transparency Initiative that on the County website.

9. What steps can be taken to make the operations of county government more transparent?

Enforcing the Charter of County Cuyahoga, Ohio Section 12.05 Meeting of Governmental Bodies to be Public and section 12.06 Records of Governmental Bodies to be Public which is a state law.

10.  If elected, what steps would you take to improve citizen engagement and to communicate critical information to your constituents?

Newsletters, Attending Community Meeting and Communicate with Elected Official in my District.

C.        Efficiency

11.  What steps do you believe could be taken to improve cooperation and between county government and other local governments?

Collaborate all County government agencies with local government and help local government implement their master plans.

12.  Please generally describe your position on the issue of regionalism.

I support regionalism where it’s cost effect.

13.  After four years of the new county government, can you identify any areas or programs that you believe could be run more efficiently?

Better Customer Service.

14.  In what way(s) would you improve that relationship between the Executive and Council?

By becoming Council President and push for a better leadership team to work with Council and Executive.

D.        Competence

15.  Aside from your campaigns for County Council, have you ever run for public office? If so, please identify the office and the date of the election. 

Democrat Central Committee May, 2010 I won and State Rep District 12 May, 2010 I lost.

16.  Aside from your current position, what public offices have you held? When?


17.  Have you, or any business in which you held more than a 50% interest, ever filed for bankruptcy.  When, where?


18.  In your opinion, which aspects of your education and experience prepared you to serve on County Council?

Being Vice-President of Harvard Community Services, Vice-President of Harvard Community Development Corporation, Trustee of Lee-Harvard Community Association and Member of Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority Advisory Board (14 years).

E.         Policy

19.  What steps do you believe county government can take to take advantage of Cuyahoga County’s lake front?

Working with the City of Cleveland and providing Economic Incentive.

20.  In your opinion, what is the single most important thing county government can do to promote economic development?

Ensure Cuyahoga County Communities that grants, loans and other economic incentive will be provided to promote and enhancement economic well-being in the county.

21.  Do you believe that the powers of County Council should be expanded to enhance its ability to check and balance the authority of the County Executive?

No I believe the Charter of County of Cuyahoga, Ohio covers the Powers and Duties of Council and Executive.

22.  Did you support Issue 3 on the November 2013 ballot? Why or why not?

Yes, The Personnel Review Commission should be unbiased.

23.  Do you support the renewal of the sin tax? Why or why not?

Yes,   These facilities belong to Cuyahoga County.