2010 CE G Introduction

2010 Introduction

Introduction to 2010 Executive Committee Endorsement

he voters of Cuyahoga County will participate in an historic election this November. That election presents members of The Citizens League with an opportunity to shape history by rating candidates for new county-wide offices.

Last fall, while in the midst of a corruption scandal that has involved elected and appointed officials from county, local, and special governments, the voters overwhelmingly approved a new county charter. In a marked transformation from the status quo, that new charter established a County Executive and eleven-member County Council.

June 24, 2010, marked the deadline for partisan candidates for the new elected Cuyahoga County offices to file their paperwork with the Board of Elections. These partisan candidates participated in a primary on September 7, 2010. The two major party candidates are now set to face one another and four other candidates (three independents, one Green Party candidate) in the general election on November 2, 2010.

The Citizens has published the results of its research on the candidates in the form of Digital Dossiers. The Digital Dossier for each candidate include a response to The Citizens League's questionnaire (where provided) and a summary of the research conducted by The Citizens League with hyper-links to the source material.

The Citizens League interviewed the candidates on October 1. The League thanks each candidate for taking the time to participate in our process. We have now published our endorsement and final evaluations.

You may use the pull-down menus above to access The Citizen League's Digital Dossiers for the candidates for County Executive in the September 2010 primary and for those third-party candidates who have entered the race.